a persian fable welcomes autumn

A Persian fable says,--One day
A wand'rer found a lump of clay
So redolent of sweet perfume,
Its odour scented all his room.

Autumn door decoration, purple jewel tones, Marcia Pilar

"What art thou?" was his quick demand,
"Art thou some gum from Samareand?
"Or spikenard in a rude disguise?
"Or other costly merchandise?"

Autumn door decoration, purple jewel tones, Marcia Pilar

"Nay, I am but a lump of clay!"
"Then whence this wondrous sweetness?  Say!"
"Friend, if the secret I disclose,
"I have been dwelling with the rose."

From The Christian Observer
Volume 67

Decorating in purple for autumn, Marcia Pilar

Getting ready to welcome my beloved autumn, noblest of all seasons, willing to bow its head for new life to spring forth.  Royal purple seems to be quite appropriate for the grande occasion, don't you agree?

every now and then . . .

. . . I like to post my welcome page to share with those of you who may have missed it, and to remind myself why I love to blog.

Welcome, welcome!  Can you smell the lemons?

After changing my blog title too many times to count, I took my children's advice and chose something a tad more permanent and a lot more me.  Took me four years and three blogs to get here, but it was worth every lesson I learned along the way.

I live in South Florida with Mr G, my husband and best friend of 30 years.  We are the proud parents of two adults I still refer to as my chickadees, Mr E and Miss AJ, the loves of my life. Mr G knows. ;)

The illustration of my art table was a gift from my daughter.  It's part of the imaginatory, my favorite room in our home, where I enjoy creating paper gifts, planning recipes, and dreaming of house projects and fairy tales . . . most under the influence of my very savvy blogging friends.

I love films and I'm giddy about lemons (who knew), straw hats, and gifts from the sea.

I do not blog for monetary purposes, I blog to share my passion (faith, family, creativity) and the gifts I've been entrusted with.  You could say that this is my very own creative journal, where I tuck away clippings and snapshots of my life. A blogging friend described it as a devotional picture book (thank you, Kim) and I really like that.  I try to present photographs with few words, simplicity that will not overwhelm but inspire.

Creative journal or devotional picture book, it is blissful, very blissful, and I remind myself of that when I get a little too caught up in numbers and comparisons. I'm grateful for the opportunities this platform has provided, especially connecting with you, some of the most inspirational dreamers I've ever known.

My goal here is the same as in all of my life,
to live simply and love extravagantly.

"Let love be your highest goal."
~1 Corinthians 14:1

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one song

i have but one song 
one song 
only for you

One Song, Tag Tuesday Fairy Tales, Marcia Pilar

one heart
tenderly beating
ever entreating
constant and true 

one love
that has possessed me
one love
thrilling me through 

One Song, Tag Tuesday Fairy Tales, Marcia Pilar

one song
my heart keeps singing
of one love
only for you

Composer Frank Churchill


One Song, Tag Tuesday Fairy Tales, Marcia Pilar

One Song, Tag Tuesday Fairy Tales, Marcia Pilar

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